Mishawum's Rock This Way - "Aero"

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When our friend Pete V. offered up the call name 'Aero' to complement one of the registered names we were toying with, he had no idea how perfect a fit it was.

This particular pup has not only an arrow marking on the back of his head, he has another clearly identifiable mark on his forehead...Or at least he did when he was a bit younger!!

Aero loves to please, would probably do well in obedience with a skilled trainer.  He is attached to Rhonda more so than Bob.  

He used to go NUTS over girls in season but has calmed down since being altered.

So far, it appears Aero is happiest in harness while the team is moving along at a fast pace.   Must have inherited this from his Mom's ONAC side of the family!


  Last year, his brother Granite at hook up, had the bad habit of forcefully yanking and releasing the gangline to make it move. The baton has been passed to Aero. Granite stopped doing it once we moved him up into lead. Humm, is Aero trying to tell us something!?


As a Puppy

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