Mishawum's Tecocalli Bowl - "Phoenix"

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When Phil Ruhl spied the early photos of this litter he remarked about Phoenix and Rumble's black and white coat. The coloration and coat pattern goes back four generations to a dog named Elvira. Bred to Baldy we expected a few black and white's so it was pretty exciting to obtain yet another.

Phoenix, Rumble and Lexus could pass as littermates; but Lexus is actually their cousin.

Like the other two girls, Phoenix is FAST. If we had one more that size, the group of them would make a pretty sweet four dog sprint team! Also like her cousins, Phoenix is showing great promise as a leader.


Bob and a group of guys from our skihouse took a trip to Crested Butte back when dayglow pink was all the rage! Phoenix received her registered/call name from the famous bowl, located in the Extreme Limits terrain of Crested Butte Mountain.

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