Mishawum's Precious Rock - "Ruby"

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Ruby is a diva with a cheery disposition.  The confidence building classes at the doggy gym have apparently worked. 

Show her the dog truck and leave a bottom door or even the storage box open, she will launch herself in!  Eats like a pig. Barks like crazy when she sees the harnesses come out. Even dresses herself! 

Ruby loves Rhonda.  If Bob is out in the kennel doing chores and Rhonda comes outside, Ruby goes nuts.   

During the fall of 2008, Ruby showed tremendous improvement from her yearling year and moved up to the race team. Her first race was a 100 mile checkpoint event in January 2009 @ temps hovering around 20 below. We were very pleased with her performance!

Taken by Evan at 20 weeks old

Hanging out with Auntie Raven

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