Mishawum's Art of Zen, RN, CGC, SD - "Dharma"

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Dharma is one of the Zen theme puppies. Her daddy and 7 other of his teammates escorted Blake Freking over the finish line in record book time to earn the 2005 Yukon Quest Red Lantern.

Of the entire litter, she is the one who most closely resembles the sire, Baldy. Her name stands for: "The undefineable everything. The basis of life itself. Energy."

Like her mother, Dharma has taken a liking to playing in the water. Dharma is a crafty one. Ever read the "Adventures of Taz"? Well, Dharma like Taz, is able to squeeze herself between tight places in order to escape her enclosure. We are going to have to constantly work to channel her energy. Right now she is taking an interest in running lead and doing a bit of agility and obedience work.

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Notice flash colors of her eyes. One eye is actually blue!


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