Mishawum's Spiritual Evolution, SDX - "Enzo"

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Enzo is one of the Zen theme puppies. His daddy and 7 other of his teammates escorted Blake Freking over the finish line in record book time to earn the 2005 Yukon Quest Red Lantern.

He and Ginsing are like two peas in a pod, can not go anywhere in the yard without the other one attached at the hip. Enzo is finally starting to calm down a bit from the crazy puppy energy that he had. Fine by Rhonda, who is quite tired of being smashed in the face by a bee bombing yearling! This of course would usually happen while focusing on chores such as scooping poop :)

You can often find Enzo in the yard playing in the kiddy pool.

During the 2006-2007 season, we tried Enzo up in lead. WOW! We were surprised to discover that he's actually pretty good up front.

What does the ensō stand for or mean?

The abstract association of the circle of black hair on his neck , as well as a high energy level, made Enzo's call and registered names an obvious choice.

Enzo and Ginsing are eyeing on the other side of the fence, a female in season!! : ) With the exception of coloration, these two brothers make a nicely matched pair.

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