Call of the Wild's Masters Regalia - "Exxon"

Exxon got his name from a combination of events. Over the course of a year planning this breeding, we drove a few hundred miles back and forth to meet Spencer Thew at a gas station in Vermont. When Falcon produced two surviving puppies, Exxon and Mobil seemed appropriate nicknames; and Exxon stuck. His registered name will be Call of the Wild's Masters Regalia, since he was born the weekend Rhonda was to receive recognition for completing her MBA.

Exxon is a puppy still at heart. He just loves to entise Saint and the other dogs into play. For over a year, Exxon refused to use his dog house. Then, after an early 2005 winter trip to our friend's camp, he came home and immedately started using the dog house. I think that one particular weekend, sleeping on the drop chain made him realize what he was missing! Exxon is rather an oddball in our kennel from a phenotypical standpoint. Of the 4 other Falcon offspring in our kennel, Saint is the only one he pairs up with in terms of gait and height. While the other team dogs are loping at 12+ miles an hour, Exxon is still trotting. Exxon has only run in lead a few times. Funny however, that he learned "line out"!

A musher in Vermont was looking for some new blood to bring into his breeding program as well as a dog who would fit in phenotypically with his current team. Exxon seemed to fit the bill.
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  One of our last Spring 2004 training runs in Auburn (Exxon and his mom)

Exxon tire training

  Exxon participated in his first race on 2/7/04 (Exxon is in left point in photo above, taken by and earned a leg toward his SD. Thank you Bill Lesinski, of Ka-Bi Siberians for including him on your team.

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