Mishawum's Imperial Elixir, SDX - "Ginsing"

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Ginsing is one of the Zen theme puppies. His daddy and 7 other of his teammates escorted Blake Freking over the finish line in record book time to earn the 2005 Yukon Quest Red Lantern.

Of the 6 pups, Ginsing is the only one to have been born with the trait of Baldy's bi-eyes.

For a dog that only saw a harness a few times as a puppy and no prior race experience, Ginsing reached the second checkpoint of the Can-Am 250 without issue. Previously a lanky yearling, he is filling out beautifully now!! Ginsing's future as a member of our team, sure looks bright!

Ode to Ginsing: check it out, there's a beer sort of named after him: http://www.journeyfood.com/products/ginsing.cfm

"Empowered with pure Siberian Ginsing, the hawk has been given the spirit to fly over the 55th parallel which crosses through Siberia where the most powerful ginsing in the world is found."


A favorite summer pastime of mine, is jumping off the roof of the dog house and grabbing leaves off the birch tree.

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