Mishawum's Morning Star, SDX - "Halley"

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Halley is the female we kept from the "comet" litter. As a puppy she reminds us quite a bit of her aunt Image who we owned a few years back.

Since the Spring of 2005, we have been focusing on leader training with Halley next to Allagash and Raven. Almost immediately she showed great promise. When Halley is focused on the job, she is an absolute powerhouse in lead. Halley is one of the faster girls in our yard and is trying hard to fill the void vacated by her Aunt Nikki.

Halley is very obedient in the respect that she will come to you in the yard when called. NO MATTER what she happens to be involved with at the time.

Sporting her summer coat.

Halley (right) with brother Cosmo (left)

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