Baldrick of Jedeye x Howling Spirits Nikki Litter

Howling Spirits Nikki came into heat while we were in MN for the 2004 Beargrease and we decided to take advantage of the opportunity. She was bred to the gorgeous bi-eyed "Baldrick of Jedeye", one of the males who ran on Jenny's Deye's Beargrease 150 team, also a leader.

On 5/22/04, we experienced unusually cool temperatures here in New England. Under normal circumstances we would be taking advantage and doing some Spring training. However, in the wee hours of the morning, Nikki whelped, unassisted, 6 beautiful puppies.

There is a fellow breeder in New Hampshire who uses the following tag line: "Dogs are wonderful. To know them and be with them is an experience that transcends a way to understanding the joyfulness of living and devotion." It couldn't sum up better, the Zen-like experience we had this past season which culminated at the Beargrease. In keeping, the naming convention for this litter will be a Zen theme.

Tether training at 4-1/2 months old

Photos taken at 4 months

"Enzo" (male) - 25 lbs "Toshi" (male) - 25 lbs

"Lotus" (female) - 20 lbs "Ginsing" (male) - 22 lbs

"Dharma" (female) - 20 lbs "Braveheart" (male) - 27 lbs

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