Saint of Sepp-Alta, SDO - "Saint"

10/19/99 - 9/12/08


Our first intact female; Falcon, was purchased bred. Raven and her brother Saint were the products of this litter and in conjunction with Osage, represented the core of our original sled dog team.

Saint had a parrot mouth, so we made a decision to alter him so as not to risk passing on this fault. Overbite or not, we think he is just handsome as anything.

So long as the temps are under 50 degrees, his performance in harness was relentless.    Saint was truly an amazing sled dog!   Never injured, invisible on the team, tight tug awards; plus he had a great temperament.

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Saint visiting with brother Viking and friend Tony

A day wouldn't be normal without Allagash woofing us awake at 7am and Saint oow-wooing a song.



2008 was not kind to Saint. He started presenting signs of bloat. We spent nearly $1000 in tests over the summer trying to determine what happened to him at CanAm. All the tests came back fine. Nothing definitive. We figured there had to be a tumor, ulcer or something. Not knowing was actually worse. I think we would have slept  better if there was an answer. Thus, Saint was slated for the puppy team. We simply could not risk putting him into another race situation. Having been a key player all these years.. and now  basically sitting on the bench.. perhaps Saint was not happy with our decision.

In the wee hours of the morning (after a normal play day in the yard), we heard Saint making a low howl. It did not sound like his normal song. We immediately knew something was wrong. Run out to the kennel and sure enough, he was bloated. We used our bloat kit and helped remove the air from his stomach. By that afternoon, he was not looking much better. When this happened at CanAm, he was perfectly fine a few hours later after the gas had dissipated. We immediately made arrangements to bring Saint to our vet (to be euthanized and then have an autopsy done). While Bob was preparing to leave the house Friday morning, Saint died on his own... as it should happen, in his yard with Allagash and Dharma by his side.

He's now buried in the woodland garden next to his mother. Rest in peace our dear friend and may you sing to your hearts content.

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