Rant and Raves - July 2007 thru September 2007

September 2007:

Our Can-Am entries made the cut, but sadly, a few friends are sitting on the waiting list. And what a waiting list it is. At the time of this writing, across the 3 classes, 42 mushers were on the waiting list.

Attended a fund-raiser BBQ bash at Mike & Sue Ellis’s. This year, the focus was on generating support for a bid in the Yukon Quest. They are now in the mist of packing their bags and heading to Canada for a six month life-altering experience. Over the past 6 years, as we’ve each grown in our own way through the sport of dog sledding, we fostered a special relationship. It’s sure going to be strange training without them this season. Instead, like the rest of the world, we’ll be sitting on the edge of our seat, enjoying an armchair trip via Mike and Sue’s eloquent dog log entries.

It’s very cool to see continued New England representation in the big Alaskan sled dog events. Last year Bruce Linton (an old friend who previously lived in VT) celebrated his Iditarod debut. Mike Ellis and Jeremie Matrishon (previously from VT) will race in the 2008 Yukon Quest, while Mike Santos (previously from Mass) will run in the All Alaska Sweepstakes. Then by 2009-2010, we are likely to witness other mushers with whom we’ve shared memorable experiences (Jaye Foucher, Matt Carstens, Mitch Ingerson, Christine Richardson, Kim Darst, Lev Shvarts and Spencer Thew) also making a trek to Alaska.

Signed DHARMA up for a CGC run through at Bo-Gee’s. This time she passed the test!

Finally, after two months of drought conditions, we have rain! Thank goodness. With all the dust the dogs stir up during exercise time, our yard was starting to resemble a construction site.

Did some old fashioned tire training with RUBY.

Four girls came into season at the beginning of the month, right in time for the kick off of our training program. It was hell here for awhile, but as one of our neighbors said, if they came in one at a time, where’s the fun in that! Since it’s early, and we really do not need to add fuel to the explosive nature of the first few training runs (end up in divorce court or turn our lovely neighbors into enemies), the girls are spending a few days at Sendashi.

Signed up for the L'Odyssée event in Quebec and mailed in our entry for the Eagle Lake 100.

August 2007:

Mailed in our entries for the Can-Am.

Rhonda drove out to South Hadley, MA and attended a Structure in Action Seminar hosted by Pat Hastings & Deb Saunders.

Peter Johnson, one of our early mentors in the breed, celebrated the Big 5 0. Happy B-Day Pete!

Attended two Rally trials this month. DHARMA earned her second leg at the trial in Keene with a third place score of 91. She capped off her novice title in Central Maine with a first place score of 86.

July 2007:

DHARMA participated in her first Rally trial at the Lakes Region Kennel Club show (same venue as the annual, upcoming, Northern New England Sled Dog Trade Fair). Upon our arrival, DHARMA was pleasantly greeted and showered with good wishes at the Hospitality booth, by the conformation Judge who worked the YSHC Match back in June. DHARMA scored a 95; earning a leg toward her Rally Novice title.

Before we start heavily into Fall training, DHARMA will be competing in two or three more Rally trials.

The summer session of handling/obedience classes capped off with a CGC test proctored by our good friend and former handler, Cyndi B. We gathered at Deb DeBurgo’s house. She graciously offered her horse barn for our class to meet, as it was raining, yet again. JELLO did fine during handling class, but DHARMA was totally off her game in advanced obedience. None of the three candidates (TK, RHONE and DHARMA) Rhonda brought along passed their CGC. In our yard, the two yearlings are doing great at long sit and long down! At the exam, the scent of the barn combined with strange atmosphere was too much new stimuli at once. We’ll try testing them again another time.

Joined Bo-Gee training center in Raymond, NH.

Temps have been so cool this Summer, it was beginning to look like hanging the shade cloth this year would not be necessary.... no such luck. We installed it on July 29th.

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