Howling Spirits Steel, SDX - "Steel"
7/14/1998 - 10/23/2007

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Steel came to us from a well accomplished mid-distance kennel in WI. When we bought him, the breeder apologized that he did not have anything better to offer us. Steel was not a main leader in his prior setting but immediately took on the position here. No apologies necessary!

Steel is so easy going. You can put him in any position on the team and he works equally hard at the task.

When Osage passed on, the dog house nearest to the back door entrance of our home, remained vacant for awhile. After what must have been in his mind a respectable mourning period, Steel claimed this sacred dog house. Toward the end of the 2006 Eagle Lake race, Steel tripped in a moose hole. Now that Steel occupies the ‘sacred’ dog house, we often bring him inside to watch TV and lie on the sofa; esp. when it appears that his shoulder is bothering him. At this point, it’s quite likely that he’s simply playing to our sympathies!!

For four seasons, Steel was one of our main leaders. He is now being promoted to 'chief puppy trainer'.

True to form, Steel is leading by example

Seen here a few months shy of 9 1/2 y.o.

Nikki and Steel (referred to as Boris by his breeder) both ran in the 2001 Jr. Iditarod.
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Steel is the sire of the (Comets) litter.

Steel never ceced to surprise us with his charm and enthusiasm in harness. Even at his age, Steel was a very dependable leader, always tight to the right side of the trail. You'd never know he was 9 1/2 years old except for his lack of top end speed. The glucosamine that we've been giving to the older adults finally took effect and you could clearly see it in his demeanor.

He was notorious for jumping up on every dog house where we may be standing, just so he could grab a hug. Now when his kids jocky for our attention, you can't help but feel a pang of sadness.

Many Thanks to Phil and Linda for sending Steel to us. He was a blessing in disguise.

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