Past Litters

Bronco of Sepp-Alta x Sepp-Lok's Falcon, whelped 10/19/99

With both parents already boasting call names of NFL teams, and a fall whelp date, it seemed appropriate to continue the football theme with the offspring.

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Jello de LouFranc x Sepp-Lok's Falcon whelped 11/24/00

While at Boot Camp I, Jello and Falcon decided to tie one on. At the time, we were too new as breeders to recognize the signs of a bitch coming into season. The puppies were aptly named after Boy Scout camps.

Call of the Wild's Bart x Sepp-Lok's Falcon, whelped 5/16/03

Over the course of a year planning this breeding, we drove a few hundred miles back and forth to meet Spencer Thew at a gas station in Vermont. When Falcon produced two surviving puppies, Exxon and Mobil seemed appropriate nicknames.

A year or two before this litter was born, Falcon was brought to the vet for the removal of a mammary gland tumor. It was benign, but our vet at the time recommended due to her age, to alter her while she was under the anesthesia. Well, we are more than happy we did not approve the procedure, otherwise these beautiful and intelligent pups would not be with us today.

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Howling Spirits Steel x Ivory de LouFranc, whelped 7/31/03

The theme for this litter came as a combination of events. While traveling, Bob and I watched a news report in the airport on Siberia. During that report, the story of Tunguska's Comet was mentioned. I thought, what a cool dog name and kept it filed away until the right opportunity presented itself. Ivory's puppies matured quickly and were soon traveling out of the whelping box. One starlit evening, the littlest female of the 4 was crying and I ran outside to "rescue" her. She was promptly named Nova and we found a use for the cool dog name and hence the "comet litter" theme.

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Baldrick of Jedeye x Howling Spirits Nikki
whelped 5/22/04

While we were in MN running the Beargrease, Nikki came into heat. We decided to take advantage of the opportunity. The Zen-like experience we had that season, culminated at the Beargrease. In keeping, that is how we came up with the the naming convention for this litter.

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Alaskan's Nicolaos of Anadyr x TWD's Emma, whelped 8/22/06

At first, we were going with a precious gem theme for the names of these puppies. Sending Osage to the Rainbow Bridge during the month the pups were born, and then having his ashes escort the pups home from the vet, we knew we had to pay tribute to him somehow. ‘TK’ is short for a word derived from the Osage Indian Tribe vocabulary which means 'Great Spirit'. Struggling to find a complementary name for the female, our friend Karen J. suggested that we ought to name a pup after our interest as wine enthusiasts. Karen’s suggestion, combined with the female’s screaming celebration of life as she was pulled from her mother's womb, is what completed the ‘wine’ portion of this naming convention.

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Mishawum's Falling Rock x Northomes Mandy, whelped 12/6/2006

Rocky has been a prominent member of our team since the age of three. We are so elated to finally have an opportunity to use him at stud! Not only is he our main leader, he keeps order in the dog yard, and has a full resume of other accomplishments. Rocky's dad is also a pretty amazing sled dog. Here's hoping the adage, "the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree" continues to prove true!!

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Mishawum's Wah'Kon-Tah x Mishawum's Art of Zen,RN,CGC
whelped 5/26/2008

During 2007-2008, TK turned out to be one of our fastest males, with leader potential. He participated that season in two 100 mile events plus the Can-Am 250. His affectionate personality, great appetite and aptitude for obedience made him a perfect candidate for stud. Dharma, is simply beautiful; the complete package. Plus she added 'Can-Am 250 leader/finisher' to her growing resume!

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Baldrick of Jedeye x Mishawum's Morning Star, whelped 6/24/2009

To pay homage to the sire of this litter (taking his call name as a reference to Mt. Baldy) and our BSD (before sled dog) passion, these pups are going to have downhill skiing related names.   

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Sibersong's Stars Hollow x Mishawum's Morning Star, whelped 10/26/2010

The DVM advised via ultrasound that Halley was only carrying a litter of 5....and then she whelped 9 totally unassisted; imagine that  ;-]   With 1/2 the litter on a wait list and one male looking at 8 weeks like a cookie cutter of his daddy, we thought, what the heck.  We'll allow the new owners to decide on names.  For the first time ever, we did not have a solid naming convention; imagine that!?!  

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